46th ICMCTF - San Diego

The ICMCTF is internationally recognized as a vibrant technical conference that integrates fundamental and applied research focused on thin film deposition, characterization, and advanced surface modification techniques.  ICMCTF is the premier international meeting in the field promoting global exchange of information among scientists, technologists, and manufacturers.  The conference draws more than 800 attendees each year with multiple oral technical sessions and a well attended poster session which is a major component of the technical program.


CDL-SEC contributions:

    • Tuning the cubic to wurtzite phase transition in Ti-Al-N by reactive HiPIMS deposition, H. Riedl (Poster)

    • Fracture toughness enhancement in superlattice hard coatings, R. Hahn (Talk)

    • Is WB2-z a proper Base System for designing Ternary Diboride based Thin Films? , H. Riedl (Talk)

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