49th ICMCTF – San Diego

CDL-SEC contributions at the 49th ICMCTF from May 21-26, 2023:


  • Enhanced pitting resistance of cathodic arc evaporated AlCrXN coatings, H. Riedl (Talk)
  • Improving the oxidation resistance of TiB2 coatings by TM-silicide alloying (TM = Ti, Ta, Mo), A. Bahr (Talk)
  • Influence of Si on the mechanical properties and high-temperature fracture toughness of Cr-Si-B2±z coatings, R. Hahn (Talk)
  • The architectural design of high-temperature protective coatings: Improving the oxidation resistance of TMB2 (TM = Hf, Ti, W) thin films, S. Richter (Talk)
  • Tissue phase affected fracture toughness of nano-columnar TiB2+z thin films, A. Hirle (Talk)
  • High-temperature oxidation resistance of CrB₂ coatings alloyed by transition metal disilicide phases, A. Bahr (Poster)
  • High-temperature stability and mechanical properties of non-reactive PVD-synthesized MoSi2 coatings, S. Richter (Poster)
  • The anisotropic behavior of super-hard TiB2 films studied by synchrotron nano-diffraction, A. Hirle (Poster)
  • Ti1-xAlxN PVD Coatings in Hot-Corrosion Environments, R. Hahn (Poster)