47th ICMCTF - Virtual Conference

We are contributing at the 47th ICMCTF from April 26 - 30, 2021:


  • Thermomechanical Properties and Oxidation Resistance of Ternary W1-xTaxB2-z Coatings, C. Fuger (On Demand)
  • Tuning Fracture Characteristics of Superhard Tm Carbide Coatings by Nitrogen Alloying, T. Glechner (On Demand)
  • Microstructural Influences on the Fracture Properties of CrN Coatings, R. Hahn (On Demand)
  • Fracture–Microstructure Relations of W-diboride Thin Films, R. Hahn (On Demand)
  • Corrosion Induced Diffusion Pathways in Thin Film Materials Investigated by Atom Probe Tomography, O. Hudak (On Demand)
  • Transition Metal Carbonitride based Thin Films: A Critical Review on Thermal and Elastic Properties of Group IV to VI TMC1-xNx, H. Riedl (On Demand)
  • Influence of the Bonding Nature on the Fatigue Resistance of Cr-based Thin Films, L. Zauner (On Demand)